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Colored Theatre Lights


Without the support of our wonderful sponsors, the show could not go on!

Please contact Michele at 918-729-2110 if we could count on you to be a business or individual sponsor.  All donations are greatly appreciated.


We want to thank our friends from the Central Rural Electric Cooperative Community Foundation for awarding a grant to the Cushing Community Theatre.  This grant allowed us to purchase powered speakers for our auditorium that helps our patrons to clearly hear what is going on inside the auditorium.  THANK YOU for supporting us and for being our community partner!

Doug & Kathi Baker                                CREC Community Foundation

Mike & Patti Harris                                  Walmart

Wholefoods                                            Richard & Marie Thackray

Structure King, LLC                                Walter Webb

John Martinelli & Michaela Coventon     Mareta Ryan

Chuck & Karri Claxton                            Marilyn Duff

Gary & Roz Detrich                                Green Life Planet

Hilltop Greenhouse                                Cushing Lumber

Brenda Stone                                         Tower Loans

Signature Loans                                     Red Delta Systems





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